Incident Management for DevOps and SRE With Slack Bot Interface

Avoid weeks-long integration. Bring order in your incidents in 1 day.

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Works completely inside Slack. No need to teach your team how to use complex systems, install mobile apps, set up SSO and spend weeks on integration. Just install Amixr in your Slack, route alerts from your monitoring to our API and enjoy fully-functional Incident Management with intuitive and simple interface.

Sleep well with
On-Call Schedules

On-Call schedules will help you to define who will be notified when an incident is triggered. Simple scheduling interface works completely inside slack.

  • Awesome for teams with multiple timezones
  • Configuration takes no more than 5 minutes

Never miss Alerts with

Escalation will invite engineers to look at Incident and ensure someone will finally resolve it.

Alex did not answer? Bob will be notified...

  • Simple configuration in Slack
  • Visible and obvious behavior for teammates

Be notified the way you want
Phone calls, SMS, Telegram...

It's annoying to configure alerting channels for each monitoring system. Some of them can notify to Slack, others can send SMS. Amixr will collect all alerts in one place and notify about them the way you prefer.

  • Slack Mentions for those who are always online
  • SMS and Phone Calls for those who are not

Prevent Alert Storms with
Automatic Grouping

"Alert Storm" is what happens when something really goes wrong. Monitorings shoot tons of alerts into your Slack. Amixr will group alerts and help your team to review Incident without distractions.

  • Grouping happens in subthreads
  • Avoid Alert Storm and Frustration

Measure and optimise workload with Toil Budgets

Most of time you spend on incidents considered as Toil in SRE. Calculation of Toil helps your team to defend SLOs with the maximum efficiency.

  • Implement SRE best practice
  • Avoid engineers' burnout

New: HeartBeat Monitoring
For cron or long-lasting jobs

It's raising an incident at the moment when job does not notify about its aliveness in a certain amount of time. Read more in docs!

New: Outgoing webhooks
1 click to push incident to Jira!

Notify users, forward incident to task tracker, launch pipelines, make a backup, scale up...

Automate and focus on actual incidents!

Early Access:
New Schedule builder

For those who want super complex On-Call schedules.

Knowledge Base

A place to organize postmorterms and runbooks, seamlessly integrated with Slack. With super-powers which will make this information handy during next incident.

New Way to Configure

Not just an API but something much more interesting.

Powerful Templating

To make important information more visible.

Our customer's story

Amixr in Denti.AI

Denti.AI (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) helps dentists interpret X-ray images and find 30% more potential pathologies using artificial intelligence.

Circle image

Max Kharchenko

CTO, Denti.AI

"What we liked about Amixr is simplicity. It took only a few minutes to integrate it with our DataDog, Sentry, AWS CloudWatch and set up on-call schedule. It's also inside Slack!"

Seamlessly integrated with

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Start 14-days trial

✓ Escalations
✓ Grouping
✓ Toil Budget
Unlimited On-Call Users
300 SMS messages per week
100 Phone calls per week
✓ On-Call Schedules
✓ Reports
1h/week DevOps consulting
✓ Custom integration upon request
✓ 24/7 Support

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On-Premises, custom workflow and reports, integration with internal systems, SLA, dedicated Engineer.
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