Migration from Amixr to Grafana OnCall

Dear Amixr.IO customers!

Amixr Inc. was acquired by Grafana Labs in 2021. Since that moment we've been working hard on the new shiny version of Amixr called "Grafana OnCall". Grafana OnCall is a very similar product. We used the chance and made a few core improvements, which we hope will make your experience much better.

We understand that it will put additional work on your shoulders. We did our best to prepare a migration tool to assist you with the migration process.

Join Grafana Cloud: https://grafana.com/products/cloud/

You could find the migration tool in your Grafana Cloud:
https://<< your cloud grafana sub-domain >>.grafana.net/a/grafana-oncall-app/?page=migration-tool

Unfortunately, we no longer plan to support Amixr.IO and expect to shut down Amixr.IO to be able to focus on Grafana OnCall.
30st of June 2022 Amixr.IO and all services located in this domain will be disabled.

For any technical assistance please reach out to our team in Grafana Slack (https://slack.grafana.com/) channel #grafana-oncall. We’ll be happy to give you a hand and help you with migration.

For any questions related to pricing, or payments, please reach out by e-mail: info@grafana.com