Amixr Features

Once received, an incident will be posted to Slack/Mattermost/MS Teams. Workflow status (New, Acknowledged, Resolved) will be assigned. Escalation engine will define a responsible person and invite.

Increases incident response speed and team focus. Designed to help to build reliable systems.

More Features

NEW: Custom alert rendering!

Make important information visible, try our new highly-customizable alert templating with jinja!

Sleep well with
On-Call Schedules

  • Awesome for teams with multiple timezones
  • Configuration takes no more than 5 minutes

Never miss Alerts with

Escalation will invite engineers to look at Incident and ensure someone will finally resolve it.

Alex did not answer? Bob will be notified...

  • Simple configuration in Slack
  • Visible and obvious behavior for teammates

Be notified the way you want
Phone calls, SMS, Telegram...

  • Slack Mentions for those who are always online
  • SMS and Phone Calls for those who are not

Prevent Alert Storms with
Automatic Grouping

  • Grouping happens in subthreads
  • Avoid Alert Storm and Frustration

Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)

Most of the time you spend on incidents considered as Toil in SRE. Calculation of Toil helps your team to defend SLOs with the maximum efficiency.

  • Implement SRE best practice
  • Avoid engineers' burnouts

Innovative Knowledge Base
With Search Engine

Outbound integrations

Artificial Intelligence:


Misconfiguration and anomalies detection.

Team Performance

Workload balance analysis, burnout detection.