Amixr vs OpsGenie

Most of the teams already manage incidents in Slack. With OpsGenie they have an option to integrate one more huge system to manage incidents. Amixr gives the whole functionality of professional incident management instruments right in Slack to achieve better predictability and performance.

SMS & Phone Calls


User Management

Slack users = Amixr users, any plan.
(charged only for active engineers)
SSO in $19+/user plan
(charged for all users)

Mobile App

No need. Fully functional inside Slack mobile app.
Engineers should install additional app.

Integration Time

~1 hour
Weeks — months

On-Call Scheduling




Post Incident Analysis Reporting

Yes, any plan
Yes ($29+/user plan)

Knowledge Base & Postmortems

Yes, in Slack, any plan
Yes, in external web interface ($29/user plan)

HeartBeat Monitoring

Yes ($19+/user plan)

AI-Based Analysis

Yes, works in background and detects performance issues. Any plan.

Already has a OpsGenie subscription?

Amixr works awesome with OpsGenie. Incidents could be routed from OpsGenie to Amixr to leverage better performance for response-critical parts of business processes. Amixr is awesome cost saver not only because it gives better ROI but also because we offer better pricing for those who want to migrate from OpsGenie to Amixr.

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