Happy to share the new features available in Amixr! Everyone will find something new to try. We've deployed an API which will help large teams to manage their configuration. At the same time, we've significantly improved UX. For example, we've added super cool "Notify if time is" escalation policy which is a shorter version of on-call schedule with empty night slots.

The short version:

  • Free Plan for Small Teams
  • API, API!
  • API focus 1: Remove your data from Amixr servers
  • API focus 2: Manage Routes and Escalation Policies
  • Advanced Escalation Steps: Avoid midnight notifications
  • Advanced Escalation Steps: Notify next each time (round robin)
  • Advanced filtering in Amixr Web

Free Plan for Small Teams

Feel free to use Amixr for free if your team is small.

✓ Up to 4 Users
✓ 10 SMS/team per day
✓ 5 Phone calls/team per day
✓ Escalations — make sure your team will back you up
✓ Grouping — reduce noise
✓ On-Call Schedules — avoid midnight notifications
✓ Slack Integration

Free users are temporary limited to use the web version only.


Amixr API finally went public! This is the first version with guaranteed backward compatibility.

Check our API docs: https://api-docs.amixr.io/

API focus 1: Remove your data from Amixr servers

With great respect for your data and privacy, we provide an agile workflow to remove incidents from Amixr. There are two modes available: "wipe" and "delete". Wipe will remove incident payload from our servers. Delete will remove not only a payload but also as much metadata as possible. Amixr will even try to remove messages from Slack and other 3'rd parties.

We've also added a "search" filter for alerts (https://api-docs.amixr.io/#alerts) so you'll be able to search for your data the easy way.

API focus 2: Manage Routes and Escalation Policies

This one is about scalability. Each UI has it's own limitations and sometimes managing dozens of routes is getting hard. We are dedicated to making your life easier if you want to build a complex configuration on top of Amixr. Stay tuned, more updates on this field are coming soon.

Read more about working with Routes in API: https://api-docs.amixr.io/#routes

Advanced Escalation Steps

This is a huge improvement for smaller teams and newbies. We've moved two the most popular scenarios from On-Call Schedules to the simplified escalation policies!

Avoid midnight notifications

Just choose the time you want to be notified. Amixr will collect incidents during no-notification time period and process them once it's allowed to.

In Slack:

Escalation Policy in Slack

In Amixr Web:

Escalation Policy in Amixr Web

Notify next each time (round robin)

Each incident will be routed to the next engineer. It's basic alert load balancing but it works awesome for small teams!

Advanced filtering in Amixr Web

And finally we brought advanced filters to our web interface. It works awesome!

As always we are super happy to hear your feedback in GitHub issues and community!

Your Amixr Team with love ❤️