Happy to introduce the next update of Amixr.IO incident management tool! Huge thanks to all users for the feedback, ideas and motivation.

  • ❤️ New feel and look
  • ⚙️ Root cause incident linking
  • ☎️ Phone call statuses
  • 📅 On-call schedules with Google Calendar & Outlook (docs)
  • 📡 Trigger 3'rd party API
  • 🧔 Manage access (docs)
  • 🤖 Automatic un-acknowledge mechanism 🔥
  • 😳 Report bugs!
  • Coming soon

New feel and look

Amixr menu now utilizes the new App Home interface in Slack. You won't miss the main menu ever again. (It was NOT funny to miss it, we know)

Root cause incident linking


Link related incidents and manage them together. Acknowledged root incident will automatically acknowledge all dependent ones, the same with resolving.

Phone call statuses

Did Amixr successfully made a phone call? Now you know!

On-call schedules with Google Calendar & Outlook

The most tricky on-call shifts are now available in Amixr with our Google Calendar, Outlook (and any other iCal) integration! Read more in the docs. It gives unlimited agility in managing On-Call rotations using recurrent events, overlapping, even making intentional empty slots to avoid calls during the night!

Trigger 3'rd party API

"Custom Buttons" could be triggered by Escalation Step automatically. Forward alerts to Jira if they are not acknowledged in Amixr. Use cases are unlimited!

Manage access

Access management is important to keep track on license usage and avoid unexpected configuration changes. Check "User Management" tab in the main menu in Amixr's Slack interface.

Automatic un-acknowledge mechanism

Yesterday I acknowledged an incident and forgot to resolve. It happens with everyone. Now Amixr could remind you about acked and non-resolved incidents.

Report bugs!

It's hard to believe but each bug report makes us happy. We launched a bug tracker at GitHub to keep you in informed about bugs and fixes.

Coming soon

  1. We'll announce a series of webinars about monitoring and incident management soon.
  2. Public API is coming. Please let us know how exactly you want to use it! https://github.com/alertmixer/amixr/issues/13

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Your Amixr Team with love ❤️ (Illustration by Ouch.pics.)